Corvisiero Literary Agency

Cate Hart

I am open to Middle Grade, Young Adult and Adult (primarily in romance, mystery and SFF), and I am always looking for unique stories with well-crafted plots and unforgettable characters. Characters that stay with me long after the last page.

I’m also looking for historical nonfiction for adult and children’s literature.

More specifically, in adult romance I look for fresh takes and twists on familiar tropes and more importantly unique characters and the world’s in which they live and love. I am also looking for romantic suspense with alpha leaders and strong females, think outside of navy seals and more like cyber espionage teams or FBI agents in training.

In Middle Grade, I love adventure and friendship stories. I’d love to find the next Stranger Things, or a new take on a mash up of 80s pop culture and genres.

I’m open to all YA, though I’m not the best for dystopian. While I’d love to see fantasy and paranormal, I really want to see a fresh take on the genres