Corvisiero Literary Agency

Veronica Park

Currently seeking: fast-paced historical fiction, YA/Adult romance (No Erotica), LGBTQIA fiction/nonfiction, scaled-down political drama--think Election (1999) or Parks & Rec (TV)--commercial women's fiction, stand alone Adult SF/F projects.

Not currently seeking: YA contemporary, adult mystery/thriller, erotica.

High concept fiction is my jam. Always looking for creative nonfiction, particularly projects with an "embedded" feel. #OwnVoices is a subject I am very passionate about, with an emphasis on women and girls being empowered to tell their side of the story-fictionalized, satirical, humorous, factual, whatever feels the most authentic. Huge Star Wars fan; other major life influences include Joss Whedon, Shonda Rhimes, Tina Fey.