Quressa Robinson

Quressa Robinson joined the D4EO Literary Agency in 2016 after working as an editor for five years. She represents a wide range of literature in the adult and YA market and is actively building her client list.

Quressa was an acquiring editor at St. Martin’s Press, where she edited both fiction and non-fiction. Her acquisitions include CERTAIN DARK THINGS (a Publishers Weekly Fall Announcement Top 10 Pick and October B&N Staff Pick) and THE BEAUTIFUL ONES. Both by Locus, World Fantasy, Sunburst, and Aurora Award-nominated author Silvia Moreno-Garcia; SPELLS OF BLOOD AND KIN (which received a starred PW review) by Claire Humphrey; and THE ATLAS OF FORGOTTEN PLACES by Jenny D. Williams among others. She is an alumnus of the University of California Santa Cruz, Columbia University’s MFA program, and House Slytherin. There is power in the dark side.

What I’m Looking For:
SF/F (including speculative/magical realism)
Non-Fiction (celebrity, pop culture, pop science, memoir)
Upmarket and Commercial Women’s Fiction
Historical Fiction
Family Sagas
Contemporary YA (including romance)
SF/F YA Crossover
I am particularly interested in OwnVoices (Indigenous, African/African American, Asian, Latino/a/x, Muslim and other religious minorities, people with disabilities, Multiracial/Multicultural, LGBTQ, etc) and Inclusive Narratives
Genre bending is also great, i.e. epic fantasy romance or upmarket fantasy

What I am NOT Looking for:
Previously Published/Self-Published (Unless you have a decent track record, i.e. 5000+ copies sold in first year. If you are self-published I will not look at previous work, but will consider your unpublished work.)
Middle Grade
Picture Books
Books about Slavery or The Civil Rights Movement
Novellas (unless you also have a completed novel for consideration)