Rob Dircks 


Rob Dircks is the Audible bestselling author of Where the Hell is Tesla?, The Wrong Unit, and a member of SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America). His prior work includes the anti-self-help book Unleash the Sloth! 75 Ways to Reach Your Maximum Potential By Doing Less, and a drawerful of screenplays and short stories. Some of those sci-fi short stories appear on Rob's original audio short story podcast Listen To The Signal (, also narrated by the author.

Rob is a big fan of classic science fiction, and sci-fi conspiracy theories (not to believe in them, just for entertainment.) When not writing, he's helping other authors publish their own work with his own little imprint, Goldfinch Publishing. He also writes and designs for the award-winning ad agency he owns with his brother (appropriately named Dircks Associates). Otherwise, he generally engages in what he calls "sampling": video production, audio production, app development, comics/cartooning, photography, guitar, reading, cooking. (Note the absence of the phrases "going to the gym" and "running iron-man triathalons.") He lives in New York with his wife and two kids. You can get in touch at